Green Residences - Towers

Address:              2241 Taft Avenue Malate Manila (Right Beside Dela Salle University), 1004 Manila, Philippines

Floors:                 50+-storey condominium tower

Land Area:          3,589 square meters (38,617 square feet)

Floor Plan:          a Retail Ground floor, 6 Parking levels, 42 residential floors and sky lounge

Turnover Date:      Target Q2 2016


The Green Residences Towers

It is everyone's desire to live in a comfortable and a convenient home and that is why the SMDC developers got it all right. You want to live like a star? Well, you don't have to be one in order to enjoy that fancy life because the Green Residence, adjacent to Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall is ready to occupied.

What you did not know about the Green Residences

Before you dismiss the idea of living in Manila, maybe you should take a look at what this residential place offers.

The green residence just as its name suggests, is a residential building with all the best that there is. The fifty storey building has five star facilities and amenities. The condos which are perfect for young families and the youth do not know what disappointment is. The study hall, the fitness centre and swimming pool on the 8th floor are all amazing. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, yes? This is the main reason that the entire 8th floor is dedicated to serve and give joy to the residents of this place.

You drive and are scared of leaving your car outside? There is absolutely no need to worry about theft or destruction of your car as the second to the fifth floor serve as parking area. Yeah, that car or motorcycle  is worth that parking space in the Green residences. Walking to work or taking public means of transportation is a pretty hard task for those who are used to driving themselves around and that is why apart from a person's security, the car's matter.

Maybe you are wondering how you will get to the roof deck but there is no need for that. These able developers are very impressive at their work. There are twelve elevators to serve the residents from the ground floor to the podium. Yes, there is a podium. In addition to that, there are eight elevators that serve the ninth floor to the twenty seventh floor. That is not all. There are eight more elevators that serve the rest of the floors that is, 28th to the roof.

The idea of getting stuck in the elevator is so horrifying that one might get a heart attack. Actually many people panick. This cannot happen in the Green Residences as it is not allowed to happen. The elevators are safe and there is no chance of it crashing or failing. What is more comforting is that the standby generator works wonders in case of power outage. It serves serves the common areas and select residential outlets.

Are developers made or born? Well, they have to be born first before they are made. So in this case, they are both: made and born because absolutely nothing is wrong with how these condos were constructed. It is like they fell from heaven and found themselves dropping on the Philippine land. This is because there is everything for everyone in this residential building. Those who are into studios have no reason to say no to this building and for the lovers of one bedrooms, here we go. The young families do not have to sulk for they are not left out either: smile for there are two bedroom units for you.

What you did not know about the Green Residence is what you know now.

Owning a home at Green Residences
After getting to know about this residential building , the urge of wanting to own a home here is irresistible and it is perfectly in order for you. The public opinion holds this place in high regard and that is why the developers are always on alert. Homes in this residence are unbelievably inexpensive and what is more shocking is that there are discounts given depending on the price list and how a person has decided to pay the rent.

They offer very flexible terms of payment as one foes not have to pay the full amount at once rather they can pay in installments. However, those who pay the full amount all at once are given discounts depending on the price list. The availability of several payment options is accommodating so do not worry about going bankrupt: SMDC are not that selfish. Furthermore, for those who pay in monthly installments, there are no interests imposed on them whatsoever. Our motto as SMDC is "live as you eat': you do not have to go hungry because because you have paid rent, that is ruthless.

You only live once but if you live it right, once is enough and that is why everyone should live in style even though people's styles and tastes are different. Living in Green Residence is the best thing one could do for themselves and their families. This residence is exclusively for those who know what living in style is but it is never late to learn; that is why everyone is welcomed here.

The financial strain of the Philippines cannot be ignored and that is why Green Residences targets the middle income families. Living in style does not mean living outside one's budget. Save and still live a better life.

Why buying a home in the Green Residences is an awesome idea
Actually the question should be why buying a home in the Green Residences is not a good idea because there are no reasons at all to make this place not awesome.

First of all, the homes are affordable. As discussed above, they target the middle income families. The prices of the homes vary depending on a person's choice of home; a studio, one bedroom or two bedroom apartment. What you should keep in mind is that living in an affordable home does not mean one should live in a filthy and uncomfortable place. The homes here are very appealing to the eyes and are very comfortable. It is disturbing and quite embarrassing to bring friends in a shady home especially for the youth. It is not bragging but public opinion really counts and it influences us in a great way.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, yes? The Green Residences recognizes that too for there are five star facilities both for entertainment and for recreation all just for its residents. Going outside home in search of fun is kind of boring. The cool water in the swimming pool is inviting both to the eyes and to the skin. Need to keep fit or to shed the annoying fat on your waist? Well, it is just a matter of taking the elevator to the 8th floor and hit the gym: make the fat scream at your own home. The fact that these amenities ate just at the doorsteps of these homes is intriguing because it means that there is no more going to those dirty and overcrowded swimming pools and gyms.

Security is everyone's number one concern when it comes to buying homes. Sometimes passing by the neighborhood or in real estate offices you can hear "Are there any cases of burglary?" "How is the security there?" You are not buying that posh car and those expensive furniture and electronics only to be stolen and making some thieves richer and this is why the question of security just has to pop up every time one thinks of buying or renting a home. The twenty four hour security in the Green Residences is assuring. The cameras are always rolling.

The automatic fire detection and alarm system is one thing to make you move in that residential building. For as much as we say that we must die, we don't have to die a painful death like burning or suffocating to death and our properties do not have to get destroyed in infernos yet those are thing that van be avoided. Prevention is better than cure and that is why Green Residences did not think twice about installing automatic fire detection and alarm system.  However, those two should not make you jump to rush to the office to buy a home yet, for there is more than that. There is no need to have alarm systems when you cannot exit the building. Well, there are sufficient fire exits so you can head out. In as much as it is said that in case fire breaks out you should not panic, it is natural to panic and the first thing that comes to one's mind is to run, get away from here: the adrenaline is pretty good at its job and that's why there is need for sufficient fire exits otherwise it would just be scrambling for that one exit.

The real deal is here
Well, you should not just have the idea of investing a home here but you should go buy the home as soon as now for there are lots of stuff for you here.

If you love that child as you claim you do, then why let them hurt their feet while walking to school and why even let them sit in that bus for long hours going to school yet schools are just around the corner when living in Green Residences; high schools, universities, academies all in a radius of less than two minutes' walk from the residence.

Sometimes cooking is just not into us and that is why having places that one can eat out easily accessible is all we need. Green Residences is the best place to live for those who are not into cooking or are too tired to cook and especially for the bachelors. It's hard to find a bachelor cooking a proper meal for it seems that all the excuses of not cooking were created for them. Anyway, hotels, caf├ęs and eateries are spread along the streets of the residential area.

Sickness knocks at the door at the weirdest hour of the night and consequences of living far from a hospital or a clinic is usually realized now. Hospitals, for instance the Maynila hospital are just around the corner. But that is not the real deal, the deal is that the hospitals are well equipped and with qualified medical practitioners.

Shopping is one thing that stresses out many people. The "ooh...I do not know where to buy this", "the shops are far", "this shops do not have what I want" etc can not be heard coming from residents of the Green Residences because there is not just one mall but several of them within a few minutes walk; the SM Mall is just an example and furthermore a drive to Makati's central  business district does not hurt. Apart from the malls, there are stores along the street where you can quickly grab what you need. Shopping centers are also easily accessible from the residential building so let there be no whining about doing the shopping.

Transport is the gateway to your destination and that is why the public means of transportation in this area is another topic on itself. They are easily accessible and are pretty affordable. The taxis are always there whether it is rainy or dry. If you need to get to that party as quick as possible and without disturbance from rowdy passengers, voila! Grab a taxi and get to enjoy the ride all by yourself and the driver in the cab. If you are that talkative and can stand up for yourself if pissed off then why not take the jeep home? The LRT station is also there for you.

The strategic position plus the towering height of the Green Residence makes it possible to have a glimpse of of the cityscape, Manila Bay and the Makati Skyline. You can get to watch the beautiful view of these places at night. What a life! It is like being on a vacation every single day of your life.

You wish you were living here? Wish no more for it is just a phone call away.