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Green residence was mainly built to provide a safe and best residence for students. This is a well-known building created by SMDC. The building’s aim is to help the parents who want a safe and convenient environment for their children particularly those youths who study at College of St. Benilde and De La Salle University.  The two schools are among the best studying institutions in the world, they provide quality education, and every parent would wish to take their children there. However, most parents are worried about the safety of their children when in school, the Green Residence serves the purpose of providing the safe and convenient home for those students.  The green residence also provides a good return of capital investment due to the purposes of top location, the brand, unique project concept and scarcity value.

Green Residence Luxuries
At times students need to relax after a long day of studying, and the green residences have many types of luxuries that most students need in their free time. The apartment has one thousand square meters of luxuries which give the views in the environs of Makati Skyline and Manila Bay. All the amenities are available on the eighth floor which provides a convenient place for the students.  The apartment is split to Active Zone and Passive Zone. It contains a study place in the Passive Zone for the students. The Active Zone contain Game Room Fitness/Gym Center for the oriented students. The game room has all types of video games and most of the common games. The Fitness/Gym Room has fitness experts who help the students on the right way of keeping fit. The apartment has this wonderful Function Room where the students enjoy the company of their friends. There is also a swimming pool with Wading Pool and Adult Lap Pool where the students can take their time in relaxing. The place has 24/7 security, hence; the place is safe on the day and also the late hours. The Green Residences is a convenient place for the students since they are provided with a conducive place for studying.

Green Residences Features
SMDC,the builders of the apartment aimed at giving the best features that a prominent building needs. The apartment has twelve elevators that service the podium to the ground, eight lifts that serve the 27th to the 9th floor and eight lifts that serve the Roof Deck to the 28th floor. The apartment also is built in search a way that, in a case of any emergency, there is a hundred percent power back-up for one suitable outlet and the common area, one light receptacle and one refrigerator outlet for the residential units. There are great air-conditioned units which are either split type or the window type. There are also provision units in the areas of the lavatory and the toilets.

The apartment covers a total land area of 3.590 square meters with fifty storeys and three thousand three hundred and seventy-eight units with the commercial and retail area on the ground floor. There is a bigger area for parking. The parking area covers the 7th to the 2nd floor. All the Amenities are on the 8th floor. The residential units are between the 49th to the 9th floor. The last floor is the Penthouse which is the 50th. The Studio Units consists of one thousand five hundred and ninety-six units. The one bedroom units are made of one thousand two hundred and ten units. The one bedroom deluxe consist of thirty-eight units. The one bedroom with balcony has four hundred and ninety-six units. Lastly, one bedroom with deluxe that has a balcony consist of thirty-eight units.

Green Residences Details
The Green Residences gives 2 unit designs from the studio units and a one bedroom that has or has no balcony. It allows the designers to design the student’s units from two bedrooms or more than two by combining the units. All the rooms in the apartments are basic finished, and in case you need to add more designs to your room, the owners of the apartment are always ready to offer that service. All the walls are well painted, and the dining, bedrooms, kitchen and the living rooms are made of homogeneous tiles. The toilet and the bathroom consist of ceramic tiles to prevent one from tripping or sliding in the case of the presence of soapy water.  The units have plumbing features, PVC at the bathroom and MDF doors for the bedrooms and the main door. The kitchen cabinet is made of the best features that suit a cooking environment; it consists of MDF laminate finish with powder-coated aluminum ventilations and granite counter-top.  
There are five hundred and thirty-six slots for parking and separate entrances that are between residential and the retail areas for security reasons.

The Review of Green Residences’ investments
The owners of the apartment invested in it because De La Salle University is ranked as one of the best University that offers excellent academic background for students. Also, it is an international University where various students from different parts of the world come to study. To top on that, most of the prestigious families all over the world would love their kids to study in this particular University. If you are looking for the best education for your children, then De La Salle University is the best school for them. Also, they require a convenient and safe area to reside. Green Residences is the best area for the students. Hence, once you child gets a chance to study at the De La Salle University, you should not worry of where the child will reside since this apartment is the best for your child. Also, the students that reside in this apartment can conduct group study with their colleagues that also lives there. The study groups help the students to share different ideas of a particular topic, also, through the study groups, a student can build his or her confidence in presenting a particular project in a group of people.  Also, the study groups can boost your children’s grades, and he or she gets to enjoy staying at the apartments.

However, most parents might be worried about what would happen after their children graduate and yet they permanently bought one of the units at the apartments. The answer is simple; the owners have their property management that helps the parents to resell or lease the units they bought for their children. This is a hustle-free method to generate profit out from your unit when you do not need it anymore. Hence, parents should stop worrying about the issue of what would happen when their children graduate. Also, you need to be hundred percent sure that your units will be resold or rented as you wish since the population of the two prestigious colleges near the apartments increases with about seven to ten percent per year. For instance, in the year twenty fourteen to twenty fifteen, DLSU had a population of fourteen thousand students, and St Benilde College had a population of seven thousand students. Almost thirty to forty percent of the students’ population are from the different province, and fifteen to ten percent are from the different countries in the world. Three thousand and one hundred and fifty parents of the students need to purchase a unit for their children, and almost thirty-five percent of the parents searches for a rental condo. Green Residences consists of three thousand three hundred, and seventy-eight and some other old apartment developments contain seven thousand units which are purely used for residential purposes. While the number of population in the area increases yearly, the need for buying and renting the units increases; hence the unit rental rate and price increases. Buying a unit at the apartment is also a good way of investing.

The apartments are safe and convenient for the students due to the presence of a twenty-four-hour security system. Hence, the parents should not worry about the safety of their children.

The Green Residences provides a conducive environment where students can carry out their personal studies. The apartment is built in search a way that there are secluded places where the students can conduct their personal studies without being destructed.

Also, the apartment is near the colleges in Manila. There are public transportation means which the students can use to go for their classes, and one can walk from the apartment to the nearby colleges. The short distance from the colleges to the apartment is suitable for the students since most of them would never be late for classes due to the distance issue.

Most of the students at the Green Residences create study groups which help them share ideas. The study groups can also help in boosting the students’ grades since the bright students tend to help the weaker students. The study groups not only help the students in their education sector but also in their social lives. The students socialize in one way or another. Through socialization, the students get to learn their role in life and what they are expected of them. Socialization is an important process in establishing a student’s personality. Most of the children who do not socialize tend to develop various mental and physical disabilities. Parents should give their children opportunities to socialize with others since it is an important process in ones’ life.

Too much of everything is dangerous. Students need some time off their studies to relax, and the Green Residences provides various ways of relaxation. The apartments contain gaming rooms where the students can spend their relaxation time in playing video games and other types of games. For those students who love working out in their free time, there are gym rooms with all the available gym resources are available. To add on that, the apartment has a well built in swimming pool.
The apartment contains all the resources a student would need such as restaurants and cafes where they can buy something to feed themselves. There are also shopping malls near the apartment where the students can buy various items for their upkeep. There are enough parking slots in the area for students to park their cars.

When your child graduates, you can rent the unit you bought to another student which is a good way of investing or getting some extra income.

The Green Residences is the best living place for those students studying in colleges around Manila. For those parents searching for living places for their children, I would strongly recommend Green Residences which is convenient and safe for both the parent and the student.


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